Why should you purchase UNC thread gauge from Gaugestools?

The thread gauges are also known as pitch gauges or screw gauges. They are primarily used for measuring the dimensions of the specific thread in terms of pitch, angle, and diameter. There is two types of tools in thread gage: one of which is plug gauges which is used for checking internal thread and thread ring gauges is utilized for checking external threads. Each gauge is made up of two parts, GO and NOGO and both the parts are necessary for checking a thread. 

Thread pitch gauges serve as reference tool for determining whether the pitch of thread is on tapped hole or screw. It does not determine exact size and dimension of a thread but gives you enough idea to determine the thread dynamics and categorize it according to the pitch and shape. This instrument also helps in saving time, in the sense that it removes the requirement for the user to calculate and measure the pitch associated with threaded jam. 

High quality UNC thread gauge from Gaugestools

The UNC thread is generally used for thread fasteners with high volume production. This coarse series of UNC is mostly used in manufacture of nuts, screws, bolts and other types of general engineering applications. It is also utilized for threading in the lower tensile strength materials like mild steel, cast iron, and the softer materials (brass, bronze, magnesium, plastics, and aluminum) for obtaining optimum resistance to the stripping of internal thread. It also applies for assemble and disassemble or when there is slight corrosion or damage. 

The gauge threads served at Gaugestools including UNC thread gauges are both right handed as well as left handed. With many different size available ready to be supplied. Some of the specs of UNC ring and plug gauges that is provided by Gaugestools are: material is hard wire resistance which is made of oil hardened tool steel called Gcr15. The hardness is 58-62 HRC. Long form calibration certificate from ISO17025 accredited lab can be provided, but it need to be told in advance, and need extra costs. The service of laser marking on the threads is provided by them such as clients logo. 

The standard tolerance is Plug 2B &ring 2A with other tolerances available like Internal thread tolerance class: 1B2B3B; and external thread tolerance class: 1A2A3A. Even if you want 1 piece they will provide customizable gauges as well as out of stock products. The company also have easy one week easy return policy if clients find any products that are of poor quality or don’t meet clients’ expectations.

Gaugestools understands the significance of controlling temperature as well as humidity when the gages are tested and thus the temperature will be around 20 degree with a variation of plus or minus 0.5 and the humidity will be usually around 45%-65%. If you are thinking of buying UNC thread gauge than you can easily buy or order custom made from the official website.