Are Afghani rugs iconic pieces?

The Afghan rugs is a gorgeous, iconic piece of decor and many people look up to it as the ultimate in style. The Afghan rug, also known as the Persian rug, is a beautiful and iconic traditional piece of artwork. It is popular for its intricate design and high craftsmanship, but it can be expensive to clean. Afghan rugs are a type of Persian rug distinguished by their predominantly red, blue, and ivory designs. They can often be quite expensive due to their high-quality production and luxurious materials, but cleaning methods do not have to be as expensive as one might imagine immediately.

The Afghan rug is not your ordinary piece of art. Its intricately woven design, rich colors, and traditional style leave lasting impressions that last a lifetime. The rug also acts as a handsome fixture in homes. It’s practical as well, given that it is completely washable. The construction, colors, and designs used in each piece of art represent the culture and history of Afghanistan.

Why Afghani rugs are not for every house?

Although they are beautiful, Afghan rugs are not suitable for every home. Most rugs cannot be cleaned at home because they are made of wool and the cleaning chemicals would destroy the dyes. However, the price of having it professionally cleaned can get very expensive. Many people love the delicate intricacy of Afghan rugs, but they do have a history that prevents them from being placed in every home. The Afghan rug, with its bold geometric and floral designs and truly unique construction, has become a popular choice for those looking for a traditional, yet stylish, way to enliven their home.

Marriage between tradition and innovation

A piece of history in the making, this stunning hand-knotted all-Afghani rug is the perfect marriage between tradition and innovation. A dense 6mm pile provides the ultimate in warmth and durability; the classic color palette offers an inviting beauty that will endure for years to come; a classic wool base layer protects against dirt, spills, and stains.

With a 600-year lineage, Afghani rugs are the pinnacle of luxury, craftsmanship, and sophistication. Our new 20′ by 30′ hand-knotted area rug is made to withstand the wear and tear that comes with living in a family home while still maintaining a sleek, modern chic appearance. This rug is part of our largest collection of hand-knotted rugs. It is a symbol of beauty and strength – ideal for show-stopping areas of your home, this rug delivers a statement piece with timeless style.

Trendy and versatile Afghani rugs

Afghani Rugs is a trendy and versatile collection of hand-knotted rugs that introduce a new definition to the term modern, minimalistic design. Featuring an allover pattern of solid and mixed geometric shapes, Afghani offers quality at an affordable price with unmatched comfort. A design that stands the test of time, Afghani rugs take inspiration from traditional designs, yet have a contemporary look and feel.  A light, soft hand and a natural, earthy color palette are hallmarks of our designs.