Kamado Joe Products- One of the Best Buy at BBQs 2u

One of the best companies selling barbeque and grilling products is BBQs 2u. They are famous for selling products like Kamado Joe BBQs, Master built Gravity BBQs, Napolean Barbeques, and the Ooni Pizza Ovens. Starting in the year 2002, they are passionate about barbeques and have a good knowledge about grilling, which they would love to share with their customers. They can assure you about the best customer service and support too. 

Kamado Joe Junior 

This is a grill that is made of ceramic along with a powder-coated galvanised steel stand. This is an Asian type grill that has a thick wall cooker that gives the meats, veggies, and fish a smoky and rich flavour. It also retains heat effectively and efficiently. It has proper airflow and ventilation along with the chunk charcoal that works well during heat and smoke. 


  1. It has a smaller and lighter design. It also has built-in handles that can work well for easy carrying
  2. It is not only convenient to use but can give that rich and smoky flavour to your food.

Kamado Joe Jnr also has gifts along like Kamado Big Block XL Lump wood Charcoal 9kg.

Important things to note:

All Kamado grills are the same. This one is constructed with a very high-quality feature that makes the griller work the best including the SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber Insert. 

  • Temperature: Here the temperature for cooking can be set from 200 to 750-degree Fahrenheit which is good enough to cook anything for a longer time.
  • Heat retention: It has a thermal mass that can hold the heat inside for a longer time.
  • Moisture retention: The convection currents can allow air circulation that can retain the moisture
  • Fuel efficiency: It can run in excess of 14 to 16 hours without any need for refuelling
  • Weather-resistant cooking: It is resistant enough for any climate like in rain, cold or windy which means it can work all 365 days.

Benefits of having a Kamado grill

  1. Durability: They are made of very high-quality materials that can last for a longer time. It can go through any kind of wear and tear throughout the year and still work the best. 
  2. Efficiency: They are made of materials that can retain the heat for a longer time which means there is less usage of charcoal because of this, it enhances the flavour of your food.
  3. Easy to use: The features and the procedure to use it is very easy and convenient for its users. Firstly, it is easy to assemble, and it also has a thermometer in it that can help your read the temperature. 
  4. Versatility: It has a feature to retain the heat and also control the airflow. This makes it easy to cook food easily like pizza and cakes
  5. Warranty: It comes with a warranty period of one to five years and sometimes even longer which will all depend on the model and the manufacturer. 

This griller can be helpful and serve many purposes. So, if you are looking for some more details on Kamado grillers you can check their Pinterest site i.e. http://www.pinterest.co.uk/bbqs2u/