Why You Should Consider Moving to Indianapolis

Indiana is a beloved Midwest state that has so much to offer. Let’s go over some of the best parts of living in Indianapolis.

The Weather

We love the weather in Indiana because you can experience all four seasons. Not only does this mean you could enjoy a White Christmas and the beautiful summer in the sun, it means you will be blessed with fall foliage and the beautiful budding flowers of Spring. Even the summer months tend to be milder. And although it gets pretty cold in the winter, it doesn’t seem to be as snowy as some of the more northern areas of our country. There is also so much that can be done during all of these seasons. Indiana is a wonderful place for outdoor activities.

There are numerous museums all around Indianapolis. You can also check out the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. That one is quite exciting for young children as well as adults. The Indianapolis zoo is another place that your children are sure to love. When you’re done with that you can take a walk in the White River State Park. For those who are feeling a little more adventurous, check out The Go Ape Zip Line and Adventure Park. Do not plan on going here if you don’t like the thrills of extreme activities outdoors. You are sure to have a blast, but this park is not for the faint-hearted.

Another great activity to do outdoors that is a bit out of the box is going on a horse-drawn carriage ride. Blue Ribbon Carriages Will escort you around downtown to see some of the city’s best sites. Afterward, if you’re feeling romantic, you can hop on a gondola. Enjoy being serenaded by their professional gondoliers as you float softly down the Indianapolis canal. And if you’ve come here on vacation and you’re the golfing type, you will not be disappointed with the number of golf courses that are available in the city. It’s a golfer’s paradise.

The Cost of Living

If all of this doesn’t have you looking at Indianapolis houses for rent yet, you’re about to start searching. Indianapolis continues to be one of the most affordable cities in the US. You can find groceries utilities and many other necessities well below the national average. You can also find pretty affordable rent and housing costs. As of 2022, you can still find two-bedroom apartments between $800 and $900 a month. That is quite affordable considering how much rent and mortgages have gone up this year.

Additionally, the job market is pretty well-rounded in Indianapolis. The unemployment rates are low and there are a lot of leading industries in the city. The top industries here are finance, real estate, and insurance. The biggest export of Indianapolis is pharmaceuticals. There is a higher density of corporate professionals than in manufacturing or warehouses in Indianapolis. But if you’re lucky enough to find a position downtown, it can be an advantage on your lunch breaks. Indianapolis is home to some of the tastiest food in the Midwest.

The Atmosphere

St. Elmo steakhouse is a renowned restaurant in Indianapolis. Some of their sauces and seasonings are even sold in stores. If you would rather take your lunch on the go check out the many options when it comes to street food in Indy. From Thai to Italian there are options for everyone. Your taste buds will be thanking you.

The perfect way to wrap this up is by discussing the suburban living of Indianapolis. It is commonly said that Indianapolis has the best suburbs in the US. The education system is exceptional. There are low crime rates. and we’ve already discussed how affordable it is. There are several universities located in the city as well. That means your kids don’t have to go too far if they’re looking for a great education but hoping to stay close to home.

Even just one of these options is a great reason to move to Indianapolis, but having all of the options make it a wonderful place to settle down. An additional bonus of Indianapolis is the small-town vibes within a big city. It’s difficult to find cities that give you that warm and cozy feeling inside. But Indianapolis has that and more. Check it out for yourself!