Which book is the best to prepare for Rajasthan VDO?

VDO, or Village Development Officer, is an administrative position in the Indian state of Rajasthan. The work profile must be determined to have a better understanding. A Village Development Officer (VDO) is a state government employee in charge of a village’s overall improvement. They should be a member of the management team.

The VDO must work for the village with the Gram Pradhan, and this position comes with a variety of responsibilities. Rajasthan’s VDO work profile involves a variety of responsibilities. The job is of utmost importance at the regional level, and therefore, so many people opt for qualifying in it. There is the guarantee of stability and a high grade of pay to be found here, and this appeals to many in this case.

To qualify for this exam, people should be perfectly prepared. But an adequate level of preparation can only be done when there is the availability of the right kind of books. Here we shall discuss more that.

Selecting the Best Books

For every competitive test, it is critical to be aware of the appropriate books that may assist students in their preparation, and this must be recognized with extreme caution here. It is important to realize that students may pursue their aspirations of working for the government at large with the correct literature. There are various motivations to choose a government position, including stability and the desire to be recognized.

The ideal RSMSSB VDO books would inform the applicant on the many aspects of the test’s syllabus. With each year, the number of students competing for various positions grows exponentially, which is a cause for concern. As a result, they all strive to find the greatest books on the market, emphasizing the importance of book selection. Let’s look at the two top books for this test now.

Books for culture and tradition

Rajasthan has a long as well as illustrious cultural history. When it comes to temple architecture, tribal festivals, local culture, and other historical events, Rajasthan usually comes out on top. Questions about these parts are commonly asked. The books are:

  • Lakshya Rajasthan
  • Panorama Books for Rajasthan History
  • Contemporary Rajasthan by L.R.Bhalla & Kuldeep Bhalla
  • Rajasthan Aajtak by Dr. Dinesh & Pushpa Sharma

The Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education has these books available for download (RBSE). For the Rajasthan VDO test, these books are crucial. Candidates should also read the publications produced by the Rajasthan Sahitya Academy and those above.

Books for geography

Rajasthan’s geography is particularly significant in the VDO test. Candidates must be familiar with Rajasthan’s topography, minerals, agriculture, and economic geography. Rajasthan’s geographical surroundings are quite diversified, with both drought-prone and flood-prone areas coexisting. The books are:

  • Maps of Rajasthan (Rajasthan Manchitravali) by Moomal
  • Geography of Rajasthan – by Dr. L. R. Bhalla
  • Rajasthan Bhugol – Rajasthan BSE e-book
  • Fundamentals of Physical Geography – Class – 11
  • India Physical Environment – Class – 11

Books for current affairs

The most significant aspect of the VDO course is current affairs. The majority of the questions are directly or indirectly related to current events. To keep up with the updated news in Rajasthan, candidates should read a local newspaper. The candidates place a high value on government activities in the social sector.

The following are some of the greatest sources for current events:

  • Moomal Current Affairs – for Rajasthan
  • Rajasthan Patrika

Books for computer and general knowledge parts

This is a high-score component of the curriculum. The questions in this area are commonly asked in various tests. Students must read the following books:

  • Lucent-General Knowledge
  • Lucent-General Science
  • Kiran Publication
  • Ghatna Chakra
  • Rani Ahilya Lucent Publication
  • Basic Computer Knowledge _ Arihant Publication


As discussed in the article, these books can make sure that the preparation journey of the students is on track. Therefore, the books should be read meticulously if one aims to succeed in the long run. Also, you can refer to BYJU’s Exam Prep experts to get expert guidance.