Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy for Treating Chronic Urological Problems and Disorders

 Are you suffering from urological problems like pain and burning sensation or blood while urinating or the urge to urinate frequently? You must try Platelet-rich plasma therapy for getting permanent relief from this problem.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a kind of self-derived product from your blood that contains a high concentration of growth factors and active protein. It is used for PRP therapies for various therapeutic purposes and treating many diseases from the PRP tubes with autologous blood. It is then injected into the patient’s affected area.

In urology, this therapy is used for treating:

  • Urethritis
  • Chronic cystitis
  • Inflatable prostate
  • Ulcers
  • Serious urinary tract inflammatory diseases.

What happens in a PRP procedure?

The PRP procedure begins with taking the autologous (means taken from the patient) blood directly in a PRP tube which is inserted into a collection system, vacutainer blood, and the tube is centrifuged for 3-5 minutes. The process separates red blood cells and blood plasma which is rich in platelets. This PRP is then injected into the affected area of the patient’s body.

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How PRP therapy cures urological diseases?

The PRP procedure relieves you from the continuous pain, stinging and burning sensations, frequent urination problems, and mental discomfort that significantly improves the patient’s quality of life.

The results can be observed after 1 or 2 procedures when:

  • Urination tendency is reduced.
  • Hematuria or blood in urine disappears.
  • Mucosal ulcerations are reduced.
  • Scaring tendency of ulcers gets clear.

PRP therapy for erectile dysfunction

PRP is used for treating erectile dysfunction which is a treatment procedure for 3-4 weeks. The treatment includes 1 visit every week with 5-6 injections of PRP in different areas of the male genital. The effect of the treatment can be visible within 3 to 4 procedures after the first series of injections.

Peyronie diseases can also be treated by PRP therapy and have proven effective in giving physical and mental relief to the patients.

Benefits of PRP therapy in urology

  • The treatment is absolutely safe and highly effective.
  • It involves no side effects as the patient’s blood plasma is used for treating the affected parts.
  • It involves no surgery and is painless.
  • The length of the treatment is reduced.

Patients have been getting relief with PRP therapy for various urological problems. The procedure accelerates the bladder mucous regeneration and also provides relief from dysuria. There has been a significant increase in the remission period for patients with chronic urological problems. Finally, it improves the patient’s quality of life.