The Safest and The Easiest Way to Ship a Car in California

California has its attractions in its mainstay like the Hollywood, Long beach, west coast mountain scenery, Golden gate bridge, beautiful beaches, and many more. Around thousands of people relocate to California every year. It is a place with new opportunities, businesses, and full of tourism. Therefore, when we talk about the Auto-transport facilities in California, it is gaining popularity day by day as people are using it for their convenience and safety purposes.

When you think about the safety of your vehicles, the first thing that comes to your mind is the shipping of vehicles with a help of good auto transport companies. Ship A Car Inc. is one of the best shipping companies for California people, which has a big network of carriers and trucks. It is an experienced transport broker and can help you transport your vehicles with peace of mind.


The average cost for shipping a car in California can range anything from $340 to $1180 with an approximate delivery day of 2 to 9 days. However, the price might differ depending on the season and also the kind of vehicle or carrier that you choose for shipping.

Tips to choose the right shipping company for you

  • Since California is a very big state, it will be better if you get the quotes from the places nearby where you are planning to stay. Always keep looking for discounts and special offers which can help you save money. Always compare between the shipping companies by checking their reviews online.
  • Prepare your car as you are going to make a long haul. Especially when you are living on some other side of the state. Make sure that it has enough gas and fluids in it.
  • If you are choosing an option of terminal-to-terminal auto transport, then choose a place for delivery that is closer to the area where you are going to be.
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Travelling Long Distance:

If you are moving to some other state, then certain factors need to be considered. Firstly, your vehicle needs to be compliant with new state regulations. You will also need a driver’s license in case you move permanently to that place. You can get these details from your car shipping company too.

International Transportation

In case you are moving to a whole new country then there are certain things which these auto-transportation companies can do for you. They can help you with the entire process from documentation to dealing with customs to transportation to the selected location and that too safely. All you will have to do is to follow their instructions and do the necessary paperwork.

Choosing a cost-friendly option

As we know, there are two types of carriers available to move the cars. One is an open-carrier which can take many cars together. This is the cheapest option, but the only problem here would be, your car will be more prone to the outside environment like bad weather and dust. On the other hand, you can also opt for the terminal-to-terminal option, which is cheaper than door-to-door services.

Enclosed carriers are best suitable if you have a luxury or a classic car to be shipped. You can be assured that your car is shipped safely.