Learn More About Kurukshetra Magazine and History Books for UPSC

Kurukshetra Magazine is an extremely important source of information while preparing for the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Civil Service examination. Apart from this, another important component of the UPSC Civil Service examination is History. Hence, this article will share more details about the important history books for UPSC Civil Service examination preparation and provide details regarding the Kurukshetra Magazine.

Kurukshetra Magazine is published by the Government of India. Kurukshetra Magazine focuses on various facets of Governance, focussed on rural areas of India. The information given in the Kurukshetra magazine can also be connected with current affairs. The information provided in the Kurukshetra magazine is completely reliable as the information is provided by the Government. Current Affairs is always a dynamic and challenging part of the UPSC Civil Service examination, hence it is imperative that candidates are always updated with the latest information provided by the Kurukshetra magazine. Kurukshetra magazine can also be accessed through the official website. BYJU’S has introduced a segment called the ‘Gist of Kurukshetra’ to help the aspiring candidates. Over here, the gist of monthly Kurukshetra magazine will be provided by the BYJU’S. Kurukshetra Magazine will have policies and facts related to the Socio-economic development in Rural India. This magazine is published by the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India.

The November 2021 issue of Kurukshetra Magazine deals with Sports in Rural India. The October 2021 issue of Kurukshetra Magazine deals with Social Transformation in India. The September 2021 issue of Kurukshetra Magazine deals with Rural Marketing. The August 2021 issue of Kurukshetra Magazine provides information on India as a Agriculture Powerhouse. The July 2021 issue of Kurukshetra Magazine provides extensive information on the developments in Rural Infrastructure. The information provided in other months of Kurukshetra Magazine for 2021 are Perspectives of Rural Development, Empowering Rural Youth, Budget for Rural India, Folk Art and Culture, Promoting Innovation, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth.

There are many History books for UPSC which can be referred to while preparing for the Civil Service Examination. Some of the good History books for UPSC are as follows: The Wonder That Was India by A.L. Basham, India’s Ancient Past by R.S.Sharma, Indian Art and Culture by Nitin Singhania, History Of Modern India by Bipin Chandra, India’s Struggle for Independence by Bipin Chandra, India After Gandhi by Ramchandra Guha, Mastering Modern World History by Norman Lowe, History of Modern World by Jain and Mathur. The above given information is an excellent list of History books for UPSC.

The History books for UPSC optional subject are as follows: The story of Civilization, Vol. 2 (NCERT), The Mainstream of Civilization by Strayer, Gatzke & Harbison, A New Look at Modern Indian History From 1707 to the Modern Times by Alka Mehta and B L Grover S, The social basis of Democracy & Dictatorship by B.J. Moore, Mastering Modern World History by Norman Lowe (Best book for World History UPSC), Industry & Empire by E.J. Hobsbawm, The Penguin History Of Early India: From The Origins To AD 1300 by Romila Thapar, Europe Since Napoleon by David Thompson, Age of Revolution 1789-1848 by Eric Hobsbawm, Europe Since 1870 by James Joll, History of Medieval India by Satish Chandra (Medieval history book for UPSC exam), Europe Since 1815 by W.C. Craig, History Of Modern India by  Bipan Chandra, Contemporary World History (NCERT) by Arjun Dev, India’s Ancient Past by Ram Sharan Sharma, Age of Revolution by E.J. Hobsbawm, Age of Empires by E.J. Hobsbawm, Age of Capital by E.J. Hobsbawm, Modern Indian History by Bipan Chandra.