How to undress a person using AI potential?

The artificial intelligence algorithms on which the neural network is based have the potential to change our daily lives significantly. However, as with any new technology, deepnude AI raises many contests. On the one hand, it opens up new perspectives in work and entertainment, but on the other hand, fears and moral dilemmas arise. Let’s examine how the undress AI photo generators can be used in reality. 

What is a neural network?

The work of the neural network is based on learning methods using extensive data. The process begins with a training phase, in which the neural network analyzes the training data set where the input parameters and expected results are known. Once the training phase is complete, the neural network is ready to solve various problems, for example, virtually removing clothes from people in photographs. To do this, they analyze input images and use their trained models to predict the placement of clothing on a person’s body. The Deepnude application takes a photo of a clothed person and creates a new image from it – completely naked. The creator of the technology said in an anonymous correspondence that the technology is based on the open-source pix2pix learning algorithm developed at the University of California. More than 10 thousand photographs of naked women were used to train the neural network.

Another side of the deepnude AI

Users should be aware of the need to respect ethical standards and legal restrictions when using such technologies to avoid potential privacy violations and inappropriate use of data. By the way, the power of deepnude AI is often used to post provocative photos of stars online. You have probably seen Blillie Eilish nude leakes that provoked a lot of noise around her personality. Thus, the developers and users of this technology approached its use with maximum responsibility and awareness of the possible consequences. Ethical considerations must play a vital role in the design and regulation of such systems.