How to select a qualified customs broker in Canada for your business needs?

Importing goods to Canada seems like a piece of cake when you have a customs broker by your side. They have all the knowledge and experience that is essential for obtaining customs clearance. A customs broker in Canada ensures your formalities are completed timely and you can focus on core business activities.Choose a right Canadian customs broker like Clearit Customs brokerage that has the ability to resolve any challenges during the process.

A customs broker is a licensed individual from the local customs authorities. He/she is eligible to represent the client and complete the process of customs clearance on behalf of the client. They are professional agents who deal with importers and exporters in their profession frequently.

Other than the basics of customs clearance, customs brokers perform a list of specialized services that is critical to business. They ensure total privacy and confidentiality of the clients while dealing with their documents. A customs broker also ensures the costs are under control and goods cross the Canadian borders safely.

A few more roles played by a customs broker in Canada:

  1. Prepare, arrange, and submit documents to the Customs department.
  2. Coordinate with the port on the arrival of goods.
  3. Collect forms and fill the relevant details along with mandatory information before submission.
  4. Verify the documents before submission to prevent errors or delays.
  5. Obtain customs clearance certificate by them.

Tips to hire a qualified customs broker in Canada for your business needs:

  1. Choose a broker that stays close to the port. This will save your time and their time on completing the customs formalities. Generally, a customs officer is based near the port that adds to convenience in coordinating with the various departments.
  2. Not every customs broker work with importers and exporters. Some deal with either only the importers or the exporters. Clarify with your customs office if they will be able to provide you full support during the customs process.
  3. Check if they have a good rapport with the customs department. An officer needs to have strong and trusted relations while dealing with importing goods to Canada.
  4. Check their license and discuss experience with them. You may also ask for references of their other clients to have a glimpse of their feedback by other clients.
  5. Ask for a list of services offered by the customs officer. Clearit Customs brokerage offers detailed services including car importing to Canada.