Good To Know Essential Moving Checklist

The relocating procedure is not as easy as it seems. It is not just about shifting to a new house and city. Before moving abroad or locally you spend most of your time packing. That is why arranging the appropriate essentials is the first step in moving.

You can save time, reduce stress, and save money by planning your moving essentials before the big day. On a moving day, you’ll be focused on the job rather than arranging packing supplies. Hence, stocking up on relocation supplies many months in advance is a good idea. 

Miracle Movers have long years of experience in executing speedy cross-border moves from Canada to the USA and vice versa. They are a cross-border moving company that is always prepared for urgent and expedited orders she provide full packing service and delivery cross border, and they also allow customers to DIY packing. According to them if customers are planning to relocate interstate or cross border, they should always arrange some of the moving essentials beforehand for seamless packing on D-day. 

Here are our must-have packing lists for a stress-free quilting experience. Use this as a shopping list and take notes.

Cartons or Boxes

You will need lots of boxes of different shapes and sizes. You have two options, either you can buy them online or from a departmental store or you can borrow from a moving company after paying rent. Always keep extra boxes for leftover items that don’t fit anywhere else or for last-minute packing. Keep large boxes for lighter items and small boxes for heavy items, as it is easy to carry them. 

Packing tape

This is the most important item after boxes as it will keep your items enclosed in the cartons. They are essential for sealing cartons during long-distance movements. 

Box Cutter

You’ll be happy to have a box cutter on hand for cutting exact, clean corners when you start unpacking. Make sure your box cutter’s blade is sharp before using it and move slowly to avoid injuries. 


When you’re moving and packing, be sure to always have a strong, sharp pair of scissors in your hand. These are essential for cutting tape, but you’ll also use them to reopen boxes and create your boxes for unique items.

Paper for packing

Don’t use newspaper because that will leave prints on your expensive dishes. You can purchase recyclable plain kraft packing paper. After unpacking, you can use those papers to keep some expensive items on the shelf or store things in the basement. 

Pen and Paper

Grab some paper and a pen to help in your moving and use it to create a list of your inventory. Everything you’re packing should be listed on the paper, along with the box it will go in and a reference number. Check your inventory list as you unpack to make sure you haven’t forgotten any boxes and to help you remember what you packed in each box.

Trash Bags 

Always purchase more garbage bags than you anticipate needing. There will be many things that need to be disposed of. This will include damaged tapes, destroyed papers, a few broken items, etc. Choose reinforced or heavy-duty flexible trash bags to avoid double-bagging and bag ripping concerns.

The list is endless, this is why it is necessary to plan before the moving day arrives. Write down all essentials that you require order the online and check out your nearest store.