Foot and Ankle Surgery in Erin TN: When Is it Necessary?

Any foot or ankle problem can interfere with your ability to function or take part in activities you enjoy. That is why you want to explore all treatment options possible including resting, getting new shoes, and taking medications. However, if the pain persists, you may need to consider foot and ankle surgery erin tn. A podiatrist can evaluate your condition and determine if surgery is your best option. 

What to Know About Your Feet and Ankles

The feet and ankles are complex structures with several bones, ligaments, blood vessels, and tendons. If something goes wrong with your foot, you may need to keep it off while you deal with constant pain. Also, some conditions that affect the foot and ankle like diabetic wounds, bunions, and flat feet affect personal look and overall health. Experts say that foot and ankle surgery may be necessary if you suffer from generative conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, bunions, plantar fasciitis, and diabetic ulcers. 

In addition, physical injuries like sprains and fractures may require surgery. When ignored, a serious ankle sprain can result in joint instability, arthritis, and an inability to bear weight. 

Kinds of Surgery

The following are common foot surgeries:

  • Tendon surgery. This surgery is performed to fix injured or ruptured tendons. It helps improve the function of your foot and ankle. 
  • Bunion surgery. If you have serious bunion pain that you cannot manage with at-home measures, you should consider surgery to remove the bunion. 
  • Heel surgery. This type of surgical procedure is conducted to address chronic plantar fasciitis and pain you cannot manage with other treatment options. Your doctor will examine your foot thoroughly to determine if they should conduct a plantar fascia release for pain relief. 
  • Hammertoe surgery. Usually, hammertoe can be detected early to prevent them from getting worse. But if you have ignored your feet and the impacted toe, you may not be able to move or straighten due to pain. In this case, you need surgery to realign your toe. 
  • Fusion. This kind of procedure is common for people who have foot or ankle arthritis. A surgeon will remove cartilage before they fuse bones to keep them in place. 

Benefits of Surgery

For a lot of people, surgery can be nerve-wracking. However, it can be the only option to free yourself from the pain caused by your foot or ankle problem. Also, surgical methods have become more sophisticated than before. Techniques such as endoscopic surgery make it possible to treat foot and ankle issues without making big incisions. Also, these techniques allow for faster recovery.