Whether raising fast cash or cleaning out your collection. You may wonder if pawnbrokers Melbourne shops are willing to buy your broken jewellery. 

The truth is having jewellery repaired by a jeweller is expensive. Still, they will not take it off your hands, giving you a fair price for scrap gold. The option of private selling is also tricky. Therefore, if you are struggling to offload your scrap jewellery, the pawnshop is your answer. 

Yet, you might get more for entire pieces. Nevertheless, jewellery of precious metal and stones is always accepted even if it needs repair. Here is what you must know before selling your gold jewellery to a pawnbroker. 

Broken Gold Jewellery Retains Value 

When buying jewellery pieces from a pawn shop to wear, the appraisal value is not how attractive the item is or the value with the current setting. Instead, pawnbrokers value the pieces by the precious metals used. 

The metals from silver to gold retain their value as they can melt it down or have it reset into new pieces. If you are uncertain about the metal used, check each piece’s back or clasps for its marking. Hence, for the pawnshop to buy the item, they provide you with a buyback price based on the purity and weight of the precious metal. 

As a result with the running rates of gold, you will get your gold worth when selling. 

Get The Most Out of Broken Gold Jewellery 

Bring as many gold pieces to get the best offer from pawnbrokers Melbourne providers. Whether the jewellery is broken in several places or not, bring all of them, you can find. Understand how precious metals are weighed and valued to prevent accepting lowball offers by doing your research. 

For example, the price you can expect for your gold piece is based on the current gold market price, gold’s purity (karat), and the gold’s weight. On the other hand, be prepared to negotiate as many pawnshops bargain within reason. There is no harm to find out if you can get a better deal for your broken gold pieces. 

Offload Your Broken Jewellery Today 

Selling your broken gold jewellery to a pawn shop is one of the fastest ways to get money for your unused items. So grab your broken gold jewellery and check its fineness on the available hallmark. Then check the current scrap gold price found at a pawnbroker online.

But then again, do not expect to get the market value, as the pawnbroker still needs to sell it for a profit. So, grab the kitchen scale and check the weight in grams to note the weight of the items and avoid mixing the gold.

Separate your gold pieces into the karats from the highest 18K to the lowest 10K, and head out to a local pawn shop near you to make some fast cash. Even if there is no fixed price, you can expect 70% of the scrap gold value visiting a dealer nearby.