Best Spots to Visit When You Are on a Vacation in Destin


There are myriad things to enjoy when you are on a vacation to Destin, Florida. If you want to know about these fun spots, then this list of places will be the perfect start. These spots will make your vacation last long in the memory and a bring a smile on your face when you remember the moments. 

Things to try in Destin

  • Renting a pontoon boat:

This boat is a great activity to get a beautiful view of Destin waters with your pals or family. These boats can carry dozens of people, making them the best option for large group trips. They are easy to drive and are safe. They are comfortable and get you easy access to visit places you wouldn’t be able to visit otherwise.

For extra fun, there are double-decker pontoons that can be of your choice with one or two slides. This can make your vacation the coolest one of any other you have had. 

  • Visiting crab island

A must-try activity in Destin. Crab island gives you a unique experience same as its destination. Crab Island is not an island, it’s an underwater sandbar and a popular spot for boaters to gather together. You can rent a boat or visit with your private boat and relax in the most beautiful views of water. 

The adventure tour on crab island offers a bit of most things under the sun, combining many activities into one full of a fun trip. This exclusive tour offers 2 stops one at local boating hot spots, with the gulf island seashore and the famous crab island sandbar, which has activities like paddleboarding, kayaking, shelling, and an amazing water park at the best price then other places. 

  • Chartered fishing 

Destin is said to be the world’s fabulous fishing place, a trip to Destin Would not be complete without adding fishing as an activity on your to do list. You can hire a charter boat and the experts will take you to the deep secret holes for big fishes. 

  • Go on a firework cruise

The best sunset view is seen in Destin, every Thursday night Destin has a special firework on the harbor, which is worth watching from Memorial Day to Labor Day. If you set a vacation in the summer in Destin you should try the firework cruise without fail. 

Your trip to Destin can get incomplete if you don’t take snapshots from the top spots in the town around. Beach is an obvious choice, there are many other beautiful spots you may like to add to your gallery. To help you find these spots, here are a few most famous spots. 

  • The commons 

The mural at the commons gives you a chance to snapshot the spirit of Destin with your striking pose. The bunch of most popular spots include the Destin, FLA, which is located between build – A – bear stone and Abercrombie. Other than these you may like to see the 

  • Rainbow flamingo did by Abercrombie
  • Wily giraffe
  • The uncle buck’s fishbowl 

If you are going on a trip to Destin and want to get photography done by an expert do get in contact with the best Destin Florida Photographer. They will do a great job on your family portrait, social media, and real estate needs. They capture photos that last long in the memory lane of you and your family. 


Other than these popular spots you can also have a look at the Blue Spero for friendship, wish you were here, and good vibes-themed paintings.


  • The Gulfarium marine adventure park 

With each visit, the opportunities for galore photos will present themselves at Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park. You can get photos at the shows led by dolphins and sea lions. 

  • Sunset dolphin cruise

This sunset dolphin cruise is a big-time business in Destin and for many good reasons. The beautifully painted sky with dolphins gliding in the water the view picturesque and gets you wholly relaxing and gives you fabulous pictures throughout the activity. 

  • Crab island

It can open the doors for the amazing gallery on your phone with the best photography that will get your pals to wish to accompany you. Once you arrive at the sand bar, you can walk around the water and click as many photos as you want around the way. 

  • The jetties 

Also known as a top spot for snorkeling. The jetties promise to give you the best of pics whether you are sitting on the sandy shore or walking through the sea. To get the most memorable picture, you would have to walk out on the huge rocks at the time of sunset. 

  • Fudpuckers 

If you wish to stay fueled up for all the photos you click you will want to get in Fudpuckers for some bit to have even more mesmerizing photos. As this is home of gator beach this bar and grill get you the best pictures with the alive alligator right after you’re done with the meal.

You need to make a bucket list of activities you want to try during the Destin vacation. It will help you to focus on making a better vacation-doing doing that specific activity that you have had to wish to do in the past. Things you can add to your bucket list during Destin vacation are –

  • Jet skiing 

You can rent a Waverunner for a few hours as you want according to your comfort and timing. This fast but stable water activity is fun for the entire family and gives a different riding experience than a normal boat. Racing across water or testing out spins while enjoying the water’s spray is going to stay in your memory for long.

You can even explore a waterway that is not accessible through a boat. To add extra fun to your trip you can add a dolphin tour to the list too. To access all this fun get in touch with the best Destin Florida and make this trip perfect. 

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